iFootage Shark Slider S1 Bundle

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iFootage understands the importance of a product's build so we removed excess mass, dramatically reducing its weight and size. This design tweak makes our product increasingly convenient and less cumbersome to photographers who need to pack and deploy the unit frequently.

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The Ifootage Shark slider provides best in class performance at an affordable price. this bundle provides the Auxiliary weight, extra rods, belt, and carrying case. Precisely aligned high quality carbon fiber rails and high quality carriage bearings on a wide track, are the basic building blocks of The Shark slider. These features produce very low and consistent rolling friction over the entire travel range. And torques on the carriage from camera panning/tilting, or unbalanced camera payloads, have negligible effect on rolling friction. For the operator, that means smooth shots with no surprises. But the Shark has another very important design feature.... a belt driven flywheel. The rotational inertia of the flywheel is transformed into linear inertia at the carriage. The combination of great basic slider design and manufacturing, combined with the flywheel action, makes getting super smooth and consistent slides very easy. The Shark Slider S1 special bundle comes with the extender rods, extended belt and the carrying case.

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