Sale! OFERTA! Minrray UV510 (Elegir entre 5x, 10x, 12 y 20x)+Maletín rígido+Ultra Stream HDMI View larger

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HDMI/SDI STREAMING OFFER! Minrray UV510 (Choose between 5x, 10x, 12 or 20x)+IP67 case+Ultra Stream SDI or HDMI

HDMI/SDI STREAMING OFFER! Minrray UV510 (Choose between 5x, 10x, 12 and 20x) + Hard case + Ultra Stream HDMI/SDI:

NOTE! The HDMI model is in stock. The SDI model will be available this month. Pre-orders accepted.

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Solutions for municipalities, churches, educational and sports associations
Many small entities are looking for ways to easily stream to a free platform.

The combination of a Magewell Ultra Stream encoder in conjunction with the proven PTZ camera 
Minrray UV510 offers this possibility at an affordable price and with a fast learning curve.

Magewell offers two simple encoders that are handled through the mobile. One has
HDMI input and the other, recently launched, has SDI input. You can connect a Minrray camera
with both interfaces. HDMI works best over short distances (<10m) and SDI in
Longer distances, up to 50m without problem.

The encoder will connect to your router either by network cable, or by WiFi. If you have a modem
USB, it will also be worth it. For Facebook it is recommended to connect the encoder to your router through

All functions are managed through the mobile, through an App. The mobile also serves to
Record the stream but you can also use a USB key. There are specific parameters for
Facebook Live, YouTube and Twitch, but if you have hired a service with another provider, you can
use it as long as it supports RTMP. Once your stream is configured, you can start / stop the
session using the buttons that are located on the upper face. Plugging a microphone into
Encoder you can add your own comment or other audio source.

The PTZ Minrray UV510A camera can be controlled either from a remote control (you will have to
be relatively close), by PC or by a PTZ controller. Without going into much expense or effort of
realization, you can program up to 10 presets on the remote control in order to give your window
event through different approaches, zoom and angles.

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